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Default new email accounts with incorrect host/domain

I have followed the Howto for installation of Debian Etch, Apache, PHP, MySQL, ISPConfig. Excellent howto!!! Thanks!.

After this was all done, I also installed the standard webmail (uebimiau).

I had a lot of problems being able to log on to webmail (and I could not access POP or SMTP remotely), and after reading quite a few of the threads here I was able to determine that my problem was that my email accounts area created as and NOT as

After realizing this, I was able to access webmail, and send and receive messages remotely, so everything seems to be working fine.

NONETHELESS, emails of the form are not very practical.

My site in ISPConfig is created with Host Name: www and Domain Name:, so I figured if I try to remove the hostname and work with just the domain name, and later add a co-domain........... but of course I cant just delete the Host Name...

How can I change my config files or whatever is necessary such that new email accounts created via ISPConfig have the form and NOT

Thanks in advance for any help.
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