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Default ISPConfig migration to new server.

Hi. I have found some threads on migrating ISPConfig to a new server (including Falko's great post) but I can't quite work out a clear answer to this question.

Should I upgrade the ISPConfig installation on the current server to the current version of ISPConfig and then transfer everything, or should I install the version I have installed on the current server (which I still have archived) on the new server, transfer everything, and then upgrade it?

The current server is live and running over 30 websites, databases, email. I am using a separate server for DNS.

The old server is Perfect Mandriva 2007+ ISPConfig 2.2.6, the new server is Perfect Mandriva 2008. (I haven't installed ISPConfig on it yet.)
I am running Dovecot for IMAP.


ps. Is there a how-to for migrating ISPConfig?
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