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I'm wondering if it's possible to create virtual maps so that people inside the Exchange environment can use it to. For example I have and I want to go to,, and

I have successfully create a virtual map to map these users and external email addresses can send to and get forwarded to these 3 people. However if sends to, it gets NDR saying that is not accessible.

How can I force Exchange (I'm on Exchange 2003) to send the e-mails to the postfix server under the following condition:
1. No contacts needs to be created on Exchange server pointing to alternate domain name that points to the postfix server
2. MAPI connection still used instead of SMTP
3. No distribution group needs to be created on the Exchange server making redundant entry of the virtual map

In other words is it possible to force a transport from the MAPI connection to send everything to postfix if no local user is available? if yes, how?
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