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Default ftp not working

used fc4 the perfect setup.
installed ispconfig.
trying to access via ftp from a windows machine with filezilla.

the plan here is to allow my web site designer to design the web site with nvu. after hes complete he should be able to hit the "publish" button and the new web site pages are automaticly uploaded to the web site.

the first step it seems would be to access the web site from outside the lan as admin.

i can access the web site via the web using http://mikeswebb:81 and log in as admin.

in ispconfig i have created a web site called mikeswebb and i checked the ftp access checkbox. but i do not have anonymous ftp checked.

a pinhole thru the firewall was created (port 21), pinholes for port 80 and 81 were created and work so i thing the ftp pinhole is working as well.

when i try to connect via ftp to filezilla says "connecting to" after a time it says "unable to connect".

anyone have an idea what i should do ??
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