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Default BIND & Postfix refuse to start

Hi there. I cannot get BIND & Postfix to start after following the suse 10.0 setup. I find the instructions a little grey when it comes to the hostname/domain side of things...

I am a linux newbie, and so am quite certain that the hostname/domain config etc are foobar.

My linux box is part of a small network of 2-3 computers total, with my router acting as DHCP server. The SUSE server has a fixed IP on the subnet. There is no domain, and I would prefer to keep it this way unless it is required.

I want to be able to use it as a development server (in adition to it being my SAMBA server), and thought ISPConfig would be the way to go, but need help with configuring the DNS sides of things I think.

Can anyone please suggest the config required on the server, and with ISPConfig, to achieve my simple needs?

Thank you.

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