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Default maildirmake not working

I changed the file as follows but it still doesnt create /cur /tmp and /new, thus the customers get an error when they create a user and try to check the account working.

exec("chown -R ".$user_username.":web".$web_doc_id." ".$web_path."/user/".$user_username." &> /dev/null");
exec("chmod -R 775 $web_path/user/$user_username");
exec("chmod 755 $web_path/user/$user_username");
exec("maildirmake ".$web_path."/user/".$user_username."/Maildir &> /dev/null");
exec("maildirmake -f cur ".$web_path."/user/".$user_username."/Maildir &> /dev/null");
exec("maildirmake -f new ".$web_path."/user/".$user_username."/Maildir &> /dev/null");
exec("maildirmake -f tmp ".$web_path."/user/".$user_username."/Maildir &> /dev/null");
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