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Converting to inet:localhost:3381 / inet:3381@localhost seems to have solved the issue with clamav-milter. Now, I am getting the same issue with the spamass-milter. Would there be a similar fix for this and what port?

From Postfix Website:
Milter error handling

The milter_default_action parameter specifies how Postfix handles Milter application errors. The default action is to respond with a temporary error status, so that the client will try again later. Specify "accept" if you want to receive mail as if the filter does not exist, and "reject" to reject mail with a permanent status.

# What to do in case of errors? Specify accept, reject, or tempfail.
milter_default_action = tempfail
I don't recommend using this on a production system. We install these milters for a reason and passing over them if they aren't cooperating may not be the best idea from the standpoint of knowing that there is an issue.

I tried this in the event that it might pass over the errors on the milter and let me know if postfix was operating properly without the failing milters. I still receive a 451 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later message from telnet-ing into the smtpd service.

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