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Default ClamAV Milter Issues - Virtual Hosting Howto With Virtualmin On CentOS 5.1

After following this How To, I ran into some problems with Postfix and the ClamAV Milter. I pm'ed topdog on the issues and thought that maybe someone might benefit from the exchange we have had so far and that we might solve the issue below is the communication thus far:

Originally Posted by pheniks
I am having issues with the clamav-milter setup as described in your how to. As almost every issue that I have come across has been my missing a detail, I am sure that this is what has occurred. However, I am unable to locate why I am getting the following messages in the mail log and am unable to test sending email via the telnet tests suggested.

Mail Log Messages
Mar 5 19:52:39 ares postfix/cleanup[8498]: 0B47FEB0319: milter-reject: CONNECT from localhost[]: 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later; from=<> Mar 5 19:52:42 ares postfix/smtpd[8708]: NOQUEUE: milter-reject: MAIL from[]: 451 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later; proto=SMTP helo=<me> Mar 5 19:52:52 ares postfix/smtpd[8708]: NOQUEUE: milter-reject: UNKNOWN from[]: 451 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later; proto=SMTP helo=<me> Mar 5 19:52:55 ares postfix/smtpd[8708]: disconnect from[] Mar 5 19:53:39 ares postfix/pickup[8494]: BC325EB0319: uid=0 from=<root> Mar 5 19:53:39 ares postfix/cleanup[8496]: warning: connect to Milter service unix:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket: Permission denied Mar 5 19:53:39 ares postfix/cleanup[8496]: BC325EB0319: milter-reject: CONNECT from localhost[]: 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later; from=<>
I will get you any configuration information you request.
Thanks in advance,
Hi Aaron,
This is usually a permissions problem with the socket file. It seems to be a problem with the startup of the milter, at times when started the socket delays in being created meaning the command that changes the sockets ownership to the mail user is run before the socket is created.

Please try restarting the milter. Please send me the output of
ls -l /var/clamav/clmilter.socket
Output of ls -l /var/clamav/clmilter.socket:
srwxrwxr-x 1 clamav postfix 0 Mar 5 16:08 /var/clamav/clmilter.socket
Additionally, on service clamav-milter restart, I receive the following:
Stopping Clamav Milter Daemon: [ OK ] Starting Clamav Milter Daemon: Your LANG environment variable is set to 'en_US.UTF-8' This is known to cause problems for some clamav-milter installations. If you get failures with temporary files, please try again with LANG unset. Loaded ClamAV 0.92.1/6136/Wed Mar 5 03:32:22 2008 ClamAV: Protecting against 243377 viruses [ OK ]

Originally Posted by topdog
Does that fix the issue ? Yes you can go for that, i have noticed that it happens on startup. I will try look at the source to see if it can be patched to set the group on the socket file.
That did not solve the issue. Are the user and group correct on the socket file? Should the config files be using unix vs. local.

On Page 3 of your How To, there is a section of the config file /etc/postfix/ that goes like this:
smtpd_milters = unix:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket unix:/var/run/spamass.sock non_smtpd_milters = unix:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket unix:/var/run/spamass.sock
While on Page 5, the config file /etc/sysconfig/clamav-milter reads:
. . . SOCKET_ADDRESS="local:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket"
I changed both to the local: prefix and still have the issue. Should it be the unix: prefix?
Now, I have changed both to the unix: prefix and have not resolved the issue.
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