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Default Few questions about Fedora core 4 perfect setup +

hi, i setuped my first server ever using fedora core 4 perfect setup.
most things seems to be fine. apache/php w/ virtual servers works, bind works, mysql works too. and mysql based pure-ftpd works too.
but i cant solve two things:

1. i installed quota as written. added lines into /etc/fstab. but if i run quotacheck -avugm i get:
quotacheck: Can't find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option.
what would be bad if i wont use quotas? as i see, ftp quotas already works. i cant upload more than allowed. and file limit works too.
or how can i fix that?

2. how could i create email accounts, forwarders, catch-all inboxes? or maybe i should switch to mysql-based accounts? i think i'll host up to 800 pop3 mailboxes or forwarders under amd athlon 3200+ server with 2gb of ram.
i'll create/edit them very rarely so i think i can manage them trough pure command line

and few questions related to that HOWTO:

1. which is safer: enable php safe_mod or use open_basedir and jail each user into it's virtualhost?

2. is there any easy ways to ask for authethification to view webalizer stats and allow each user see it's statistics only?

p.s. sorry for my poor english :/
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