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if you only want the phpmyadmin for yourself
to do backup / restores

than make an demo
and set it to be only access via your IP address
and put in an .htaccess file with username / password

than goto the phpmyadmin website and download the script itself and go from there

its got my r***ted big time :/
sorry i can't be any more help
maybe one of them key ispconfig members can help you out more

or mabye
if the SQL file got more than one database inside
( personal i do once a week or when i do big changes / updates to my video DBs i do an full backup of them
i got 3 x video DB

if you can and how what your doing
make an backup
and than a backup of the master again
2 x backup( incase)
than open it in an context ( notepad editor with color coding)

than find the first SQL database copy it and save it
than find the second one copy it save it

than try to reload it that way
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