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Default CSS and JavaScript errors in FireFox

I am using FireFox as my primary browser and I am experiencing a lot of warnings and occasional errors when running ISPConfig. I don't have those warnings and errors when running other web applications.

The warnings mostly concern css related messages, like:
  • Error in parsing valu for property 'border'. Declaration dropped.
  • Unexpected end of file while searching for closing } of invalid rule set.
  • Unknown property 'sctollbar-arrow-color'. Declaration dropped.
Many times an error occurs which prevents the page from being displayed properly. More specifically the tree menu is not displayed at all. The error message is:
linkFarbe is not defined
and after clearing the FireFox messages, it is usually the second message after the warning
Error in parsing valu for property 'border'. Declaration dropped.
The error seems to triggered by a line in JavaScript function maleMenu()
function maleMenu() {
        var menuFrame = self.frames["menuFrame"];
        ausgabeFrame = menuFrame.window.document;"text/html");
        <!-- Bitte die folgende Zeile als Copyright-Hinweis nicht loeschen //-->
        ausgabeFrame.write("<STYLE>\n<!--\nA {text-decoration: none}\nA {color: " + linkFarbe + "}\nA:hover {color: " + aLinkFarbe + "}\nBODY{ scrollbar-arrow-color: white\;\nscrollbar-base-color: #E0E0E0   }\n-->\n</STYLE>\n");
                ausgabeFrame.write("</HEAD>\n<BODY BGCOLOR=\"" + hintergrundFarbe + "\" BACKGROUND=\"" + hintergrundBild + "\" LINK=\"" + linkFarbe + "\" ALINK=\"" + aLinkFarbe + "\" VLINK=\"" + bLinkFarbe + "\" topmargin=\"10\" leftmargin=\"10\">\n");
        ausgabeFrame.write("<FONT FACE=\"" + MenuSchrift + "\" SIZE=" + MenuSchriftGroesse + " COLOR=\"" + textFarbe + "\">\n");
Is this a known problem and is there a solution for it?
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