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Thanks Falko

With the telnet… no it just wouldn't take any more commands… or, maybe I was a bit too impatient
But since being unaware of the "mail statistics function", I had added an "always_bcc" in postfix as it's just our company on the server and we do our mail backup that way.
Well you of course you know what happened during that period ;-)
Thanks again for this post
So I solved this trouble as soon as I saw the Load being very, very high ;-)

And web1p9 is also fine, I set the the prefix that way due to migration from a confixx.

Now, with the the other two accounts it's very wild I have to say…
The web1p12 and web1p13 were valid accounts on the confixx sys for a long time. So I kept the same PW on the ISPConfig, to keep things consistent, but in in the head office they failed to work now. Inserting the "old" PW on both sides over and over didn't help either, only when decided to choose new PWs those two accounts would work all of a sudden — and yes, me and another Admin checked the PWs thoroughly…

Is there anything I've missed regarding length, characters etc. of a password??

Coming from a SuSE/Confixx it seems a long way to Ubuntu/ISPConfig, anyway.
Maybe I'll put my notes in order and post it here later… right now I'm trying to get my head around on how the logrotation ist done and why it's done that way…

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