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Question Spamassassin CPU usage. server not responding. mysql connections killed.


I upgraded 2 day's ago to 2.2.21 on 2 servers. It looked everything went ok.

Then I got into trouble with clamav and spamassassin.

I installed the clamavd (thank you Morons) and the problems where less severe.

Now today the customers where calling, roundcube was not working and all websites where down.

When I finally was logged in with ssh, the server was only helping spamassassin. average load was 164.xx!!

Trying to fix it I used the mysql query found in one thread:

update isp_isp_user set user_spamfilter = 0, status = 'u' WHERE 1

But when I start postfix, spamassassin is still used and within no time the server becomes unresponsive.

setup: ubuntu 7.04 server, up2date with apt-get before the upgrade to ispconfig 2.2.21, 1 CPU Celeron D, 3,33Ghz on a dell poweredge 860, kernel: 2.6.20-15-server

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