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Thanks to Till and Falko for your help.

I do use the excellent howtos at howtoforge to install Suse 10 and Ispconfig. Without them I would be unable to begin learning the process for setting up an ISP. Most of my frustrations are caused by “operator error” and the fact I am in a learning phase.

My problem with the changing web site names is I am using Dreamweaver to program and implement the web site. In order to help me keep things straight, I setup a web1 (or webx) user to access the server for publishing and testing the site. Admittedly this is probably my problem, I must figure out a better way to coordinate these packages.

Unfortunately when I originally setup the certificate for the domain I installed it with a passphrase. I will reissue the certificate when everything is working. My entering the passphrase when rebooting apache2 is not a major problem at this time. I was concerned that I entered the certificate correctly and the fact that apache2 recognizes it makes me think I did it correctly.

The Firefox alert message I get is: The operation timed out when attempting to contact

IE alert through Microsoft Word when trying to connect to the https side is: Unable to open Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server.

You should be able to access the site using: and then try and get the same error message.

Thanks again.
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