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Default [SOLVED]: How to create a dhcp server for intranet (with multi-homed alias)?

To make clear what I want to do, I explain my network:

1. GW+firewall (public IP address)
2. mail and web server (public IP address)
3. Several workstation with public IP adresses

I want to make one of the workstation as a DHCP server and gateway for lan with a single NIC (multi homing like eth0 for internet and eth0:0 for the intranet)

I installed dnsmasq on the workstation that I am using and the multi homed it. Specified interface=eth0:0 in dnsmasq.conf. added necessary parameters for eth0:0 in the /etc/network/interfaces. Then installed firehol and created a configuration (firehol.conf) like this:

# Require release 5 of FireHOL configuration directives
version 5

# A space separated list of all the IPs on the internet, I trust

# The IP address of this Linux and LAN for the rest of the world

# My LAN. Everything is allowed here.
interface eth0:0 lan
policy accept # The default is 'drop'.

# Make sure the traffic coming in, comes from valid Internet IPs,
# and that is targeting my public IP
interface eth0 internet src not "$UNROUTABLE_IPS" dst "$public_ip"
# Protect me from various kinds of attacks.
protection strong

# Public servers.
server smtp accept
server http accept
server ftp accept
server ssh accept src "$office"

# Make sure idents do not timeout.
server ident reject with tcp-reset

# This is also a workstation.
client all accept

# Route the LAN requests to the internet.
router lan2internet inface eth0:0 outface eth0

# Masquerading on outface.

# Route all requests from inface to outface
# and their replies back.
route all accept

Still I could not achieve to make the standalone workstation as DHCP server and gateway for the intranet using multi-homed alias. Comments appreciated

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