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sorry for beeing late with my reply. I think I solved it.

The setup was as described in "perfect setup".
But Due to the shorewall-firewall layout I do have to have a split brained DNS.
editing resolv.conf with the very first nameserver as did it. ( the lan adress is which caused DNS queries to be answered for 192.168. and not with the external settings at

Thank you for your guidance.

p.s.: INFO

CentOS 5.1 in vmware 1.0.4 was dead slow -becoming better now.
Critical: using mc for fileops on the md0 array (the 2 drives are defined as sdb and sdc in vmware.vmdk? is drowning the CentOS Server!
installing vmware-tools is an adventure - my kernel should be patched
drivers/input/serio/i9042.c claims tainted kernel due to some licensing problems of the vmnet drivers.

really a mess

greetings willi, vienna
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