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Default reverse DNS

I see, thanks.

The service running on 4949 is munin, more precisely munin-node on this server. There is nothing in this service's config that would lead it to believe it's hostname is ''. In fact, in my desperation I copied the config file from the working blackbird server (as they are all connecting back to the same reporting server the config is exchangeable between agents) - to no avail.

Leaves the 'reverse DNS entries' you talked about. How would I find out about those? As I wrote, there are no DNS entries in existence for that hostname in the authoriative Bind DNS server.
$  dig
will give you 0 answers, as it should.
$  dig
will give you 2 valid DNS entries - as it should)
I am not quite clear how there could be reverse DNS entries, if there are no DNS entries in the first place?
Could you explain, where and what to look for these reverse DNS entries, please?

Thanks, your help is appreciated

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