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Originally Posted by till
Yes, this thraed is how to make fake raids.

You see in windows one raid volume, because there exist drivers for windows.
On linux you see the single harddisks, thats because there are no linux RAID drivers for SATA available for your controller.

That explains why you see 4 vs. 2 volumes.

If you explain the errors you get a bit more detailed, we can try to fix them.
Till - thanks for the repsonse. As I explained, I don't see any error. Only thing I see is that one of the RAID0 volume is not visible while other RAID1 volumes are visible as unbound. So can't use them. Should I be attaching some file from the computer so that we can find out what's going on ? Let me know where to look for boot log file or any other file and I'll attach it here. Again, thanks for your help.
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