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Originally Posted by dnickelson
I was following the directions here: in order to set up an ftp server. I am doing this on a brand new install of Ubuntu 5.10. It is literally one of the only installations done on the machine (other than SQLAdminstrator and PureAdmin from the 'Add Application' lists). I believe i'd followed instructions fairly well, other than the configuration prompts not coming up after the 2 initial install processes

Enable suExec? <-- Yes
Configuring mysql-server (Install Hints) <-- OK
Which web server would you like to reconfigure automatically? <-- apache, apache2
Do you want me to restart apache now? <-- Yes

Run pure-ftpd from inetd or as a standalone server? <-- standalone
Do you want pure-ftpwho to be installed setuid root? <-- No
) - none of these prompts came up...
I wrote the tutorial using Debian - you're using Ubuntu, maybe that's causing your problems.

Originally Posted by dnickelson
The part I'm not getting is where to configure the ftp service at, as in what port it's listening on, stuff like that. All the configuration seems to center around the sql portion and users.
FTP is always listening on port 21.

Please post the output of
netstat -tap
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