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Default unable to get ftp server working

I was following the directions here: in order to set up an ftp server. I am doing this on a brand new install of Ubuntu 5.10. It is literally one of the only installations done on the machine (other than SQLAdminstrator and PureAdmin from the 'Add Application' lists). I believe i'd followed instructions fairly well, other than the configuration prompts not coming up after the 2 initial install processes

Enable suExec? <-- Yes
Configuring mysql-server (Install Hints) <-- OK
Which web server would you like to reconfigure automatically? <-- apache, apache2
Do you want me to restart apache now? <-- Yes

Run pure-ftpd from inetd or as a standalone server? <-- standalone
Do you want pure-ftpwho to be installed setuid root? <-- No
) - none of these prompts came up...

Other than that, i've gone through all of the steps and can't find anything wrong. I'm very new to linux, but pretty familiar with sql and passingly familiar with ftp servers, (i'm running mySQL and Cerberus FTP server on a windows machine on the same network, though not using mySQL for user maintenance in this way) and it just appears that the ftp server is not being found. I'm able to vnc into the ubuntu machine from one of my other computers, but just get 'Can't establish connection --> @ Sat Jan 07 01:03:41 2006 (0-5)' when attempting to ftp from the same computer. The part I'm not getting is where to configure the ftp service at, as in what port it's listening on, stuff like that. All the configuration seems to center around the sql portion and users.

As i'd mentioned, i'd installed PureAdmin before i'd started this. perhaps that is part of the problem, but that program does not recognize any ftp server or configuration, and i don't find anything in services or install programs associated with ftp. (On a side note, this computer dual boots to windows xp where i'm also running a cerberus ftp server and i can connect to that just fine using the same test computer and ip address.)

Any suggestions on where to start?
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