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1 - I need to create the Reseller, the clients and the site. How to set-up and configure the interface correctly, in order to start receiving and sending e-mails?
As described in the documentation ( Create a reseller, then a client, and then a web site with users. The only thing you have to take care of is that you enable/disable Maildir under Management -> Server -> Settings -> Email, depending on your POP3 and IMAP server.

2 - Is it possible to migrate (e.g.: copy) all folders and messages from my damaged hard disk to this new one directly, after creating each mailbox for my users?
Should be possible if you preserve the file permissions. But if you use Maildir this will be a lot of work because each mail is in a separate file...

3 - I have to define another specific mailbox, using a different domain name (e.g: instead of What are the steps to do it?
If I understand you right, then I would simply create another web site in ISPConfig for that domain and then create users for that web site.
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