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No, I haven't. I'll try that now. Also, I just had a problem crop up - Clam AV would hang or something and crash hard, making all my mail not get delivered, so it just sat in queue. What I did to fix it was disable antivirus scanning and flush the queue. I'm going to re-enable antivirus scanning in a minute, but have you heard of this happening before?

Edit: Just tried with my server IP, still no dice on sending out. I should be setting up thunderbird to send out on port 25, right?

Edit: After some more tinkering, the issue with the Clam hang is still an issue. I've got it disabled right now (re-commented the antivirus line in /etc/amavis/conf.d/15-content_filter_mode) so mail is delivering properly and such, but I'd like to be able to enable scanning. It just hangs really bad and I get errors in /var/log/mail.log about "all antivirus scanners failed" and it taking longer than 315s to execute and will be killed. top shows a clam process or two that are really CPU-intensive, over 100% CPU usage. I thought maybe it was an issue with my mail queue - maybe a file got sent in that was too large or something? - so I cleared out the mail queue with postsuper. Going to try re-enabling it in a bit.

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