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Default php fusion and debian etch amd64 problem???

hi till,

i have spent a couple of hours on the problem, and i think i figured out partly what is the problem.

This site is based on a customized version of php fusion.

First of all i did what you suggested and searched in the code of the site for external links, redirects e.t.c. - there were some external links hardocoded to a 2nd domain which redirects to the current. They were fixed but that didn't helped much at all. I have noticed that when i comment out some included php files (subheader.php and side_left.php included in news.php) the site becomes very fast. Also when i call in the browser directly php files that are not related to subheader.php and side_left.php they load very fast. I have placed some 3rd party php/mysql code in the web root and is works again without any problems... Then i thought that maybe an update of php-fusion will help, but the owners of the site said that it will be very hard for them because its customized, so they decided to move back to the old server until the problem on the new gets fixed.
The new server is a complete mirror of the old one (including the smallest config) except the architecture...

I am thinking about now of installing xdebug on the server and debud php-fusion
Probably an i386 chroot on the server will give me some more information if its a kernel, distro architecture or cpu problem

anyway its an odd story...

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