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Default Daemonized version of Spamassassin

Hi all!

I found this:

--------- BEGIN ---------
Normally SpamAssassin runs the 'dccproc' program for each message that it processes. If you have 30MB RAM to spare, you may benefit from running the daemonized version of the DCC client 'dccifd'. I personally recommend you have a system with at least 384MB RAM to do this. Note that if you were unable to get DCC working before, enabling dccifd will not solve the problem and should not be attempted.

to enable dccifd:

vi /etc/spamassassin/

and insert:
dcc_home /var/dcc

save and exit, then:
vi /var/dcc/dcc_conf

and change

Then change:
save and exit.

--------- END --------

Is it possibile to integrate it with Ispconfig's spamassassin?

I'm asking this because every email I receive, I get 100% used CPU for 2-3 seconds...

Thank you!
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