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Both services, courier-pop-ssl and courier-imap-ssl are running and receiving traffic on the correct ports. To my limited knowledge though they seem to expect non-encrypted (non-SSL) traffic. If you look above, I initiated a telnet connection to port 995.

I have been searching for a solution all over the net in the last day or so, the problem is that so far I found references of about 2 people having the same problem as me under Suse 10, but no data if they solved it and how, only simmilar posts as is mine on here. It seems in Suse 10 the courier scripts were changed, and by default they start on the wrong port, and when people fix it authorisation fails. I supose the next step is to find some old suse 9.x script and see if I can extract what is wrong with the 10 scripts.

In case I do not manage to fix this bug... What would be the Linux distribution that would be recomended for ISPConfig?

PS: Lovely. I cobbled together a complete solution to the IMAP part of the problem. The courier package scripts in Suse 10 are riddled with bugs. Now I will see if I can do the same for the POP3 part, then I will post the solution on here for any other poor soul after I tested it.

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