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Originally Posted by Traxus
A complete restart of the system did not help. Related to courier and postfix I know of the "mail" log, which contains informations about the attempted connects and disconnects, but otherwise I am a complete Linux noobie. Are the any other logs I could check, have you any recomendation? Maybe some specific log Courier notes down its actions?
No, no other logs, it's the mail log...

Originally Posted by Traxus
Maybe I should mention that I encountered a bug in the Courier instalation on Suse 10, it does not per default assign the Courier SSL daemons to the correct ports, but to the non SSL ones. In the courier-pop3-ssl and couriter-imap-ssl daemon startup scripts were errors I fixed. I am wondering if anyone got ISPConfig working with courier on the released Suse 10, maybe there are additional glitches in there beside the wrong ports.
Thank You.
What did you change in the scripts? The ports are:
993 for IMAPS
995 for POP3S
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