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Default wget question

I've got two questions on automating a bunch of mp3 downloads. I need to download five mp3's per week. The problem is the files are placed in a directory based on the week of the year. So, for this week, the wget syntax would be

Next week, it will be:

Is there a way to get the directory to change in my cronjob based on what week it is?

For the second part...and I have no idea how to do this...the files I'll download all have the same name (file1.mp3, file2.mp3...) each week and I don't want to overwrite the old file. Right now, I'm renaming the files to file1.mp3.old and file2.mp3.old, and then downloading the new files.

Is there a way to only rename the old files if the server can connect to the remote FTP site? Right now (not very often, but occasionally) the files get renamed, but then my server can't connect to the remote FTP server, resulting in broken links until I can connect to the remote site.


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