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Ubuntu comes with fdisk and cfdisk for partitioning hard drives ( cfdisk is a little more user friendly).
Issue the command:

fdisk /dev/sda


cfdisk /dev/sda

replace "sda" with your sata drive.

After the partition(s) are created you will need to format the partition(s) using the type of file system you choose.

ext2 = mke2fs
ext3 = mke2fs -j
reiserfs = mkreiserfs
xfs = mkfs.xfs
jfs = mkfs.jfs

for a reiserfs file system issue the command

mkreiserfs /dev/sda

Then create an entry in your /etc/fstab for the device to be mounted:

/dev/sda /storage reiserfs defaults 0 1

Reboot the system.

Change your ftp set-up to upload files to the /storage partition.

You may need to do a chmod to set permissions for the /storage drive.

More about fstab options can be found here:

for fdisk look here:

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