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Default Debian Etch - Automatix2 fails install Codecs


RE: The Perfect Desktop - Debian Etch (Debian 4.0)

When I run Automatix2 I am unable to install the "Swiftfox Plugins" and thus can't install Java, Flash, Acrobat, MS fonts.

The errors:
[02/16/2008 - 21:11.30] - ERRORS OR WARNINGS WHERE REPORTED
[02/16/2008 - 21:11.30] - FATAL - Swiftfox Plugins - Automatix cannot detect a Swiftfox installation in the standard location set by Automatix. Please install Swiftfox from Automatix before attempting to install its plugins
[02/16/2008 - 21:11.30] - FATAL - Multimedia Codecs - An apt-based error occurred and installation was unsuccessful

Thank you for your time and help.

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