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Originally Posted by falko
Please write in English in this forum (if we are not strict about this, then everybody will start to post in his preferred language, and then this forum would become unusable).
If you want to speak German, please go to .
hello falco,

thanks for your help!

i have resolved the dns problem of the machine. my glue records are not reloaded on the root-nameservers!

three questions:

1. autoresponder
the autoresponder dosent works, ... i get no message when i activate it.
the redirects of the mails are working perfect, but only the autoresponder doesent work!

2. clamav
i see in the header of the email that spam asssasins was working on the mail.
but i doesent see any entry in the header of the email of the clam av virus checker!
is that ok? or must i see the entry for the clam av in the mail?

3. open_basedir
how i can activate open_basedir for the webs?

thank you very much!

kind regards, mAx
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