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Originally Posted by falko
Can you post your real domain name here so that I can test?
Did you create glue records for your name servers?
Did you open port 53 (TCP and UDP) in your firewall?
hello falco,

thanks for your help!

i have resolved the dns problem of the machine. my glue records are not reloaded on the root-nameservers!

three questions:

1. autoresponder
the autoresponder dosent works, ... i get no message when i active it.
the redirects of themails are working perfect, but only the autoresponder doesent work!

2. clamav
i see in the header of the email that spam asssasins was working on the mail.
but i doesent see any entry in the header of the email of the clam av virus checker!
is that ok? or must i see the entry for the clam av in the mail?

3. open_basedir
how i can activate open_basedir for the webs?

thank you very much!

kind regards, mAx

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