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Default waiting to appear ...

Nice guide, works almost like a charm.
Apart from the fact that every third or fourth boot my machine hangs while displaying the code:
".. waiting for /dev/mapper/sil_afbieacedhaj2 to appear ..."
As said, the other times it works.

Moreover, while booting there is alway the message
" grep: command not found"
How did you use grep in this early stage of booting?

Specs: Suse 10.0 x86-x64, A8n-SLI Prem, pcie-Conroller Sil 3132
kernel: 2.6.15-rc6-smp

Another Notation:
Silicon Image´s Raid-Controller like the 3132 or 3114 can use a certain mixed mode raid, like
Intels matrix raid of the ich6 oer ich7. For example, I use two Maxtor 6V300F0, created on the first 200Gb of each disk a raid0-array and on the remaining 100Gb of each disk a raid1-array. I can use it with windows but dmraid can only discover the first raid array.
I think its a nice feature. Any clues to make it discover?
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