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Default Terrible server speeds


I used the how to 'CentOS 5.1 Server Setup: LAMP, Email, DNS, FTP, ISPConfig (a.k.a. The Perfect Server)' to install a new server.
I have previously used the centos v5 tutorial and the server worked amazingly (thanks to both article writers by they way))

Unfortunately now I am having extremely slow server issues.

Looking at the stats through munin the server load averages about 0.5-1 with 20% CPU and a quarter of the memory used.
My database has on average about 200 queries per second (lots I know but my previous slower server had no problem at all with the load) and as I said the server load is still very low.

I used the mysql large config file.
Also using eaccelerator to cache the php files which really helped load.
But still the server is very unresponsive.

Can anybody point me at some logs etc to look at which might give me an indication as to what is slowing things down?
For example, either the site will time out, images (which definetely do exist!) will fail to load and be replaced by the text or the server will totally die from what I can tell (no ssh access) and I will need to request a reboot.

ANY help is appreciated as I am at my wits end especially since using the same config on a less powerful server was nice and fast.

I should also add that other sites located in the same server farm are responsive so it doesnt seem to be a problem with our hosts bandwidth etc.

Many thanks.
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