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Originally Posted by moserwi
I think you really should add an unistall script to clear all data
Such a script exists: /root/ispconfig/uninstall

Originally Posted by moserwi
For me it is not clear which name I should use for the server.
With the old configuration it is

blue.lan internal and gets its names form the local named like



Thoug the best way would be to use the http base www.FQDN and blue.lan for internal http requests

I did 4-5 installs with little problems, one was a localIP behind a firewall, but I am really having troubles now.

as it looks like, with the webmaster accout ther is a mismatch again incoming/outgoing

sqirrelmail message
Email delivery error
Server antwortete: 67 Can't execute command '/usr/sbin/sendmail -i -t -fweb1_webmaster@localhost'.

that meas for me that ISPConfig does not implement the mailadresses properly with postfix.

/etc/hosts is localhost.localdomain localhost blue.FQDN blue

-> wanted to create a domain blue.lan
issue Invalid domain name lan

I have not had this Problems 2006/7 - ???

Thank you
When you install ISPConfig, you must make sure that the FQDN that you specify is already existing (either in DNS or in /etc/hosts) so that the installer can ping this FQDN. If it can't ping it, the installation fails.
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