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Post SSL Cert Question for ISPConfig Access

Hello group

I posed this question some time ago and Till did respond, however I have been out of my office for months now and can't locate his response in my email client..


My server is running Ubuntu 7.10 and ISPConfig.

When I try to access ISPConfig using the URL:
The browser just works and works never going to the ISPConfig login screen.
This is a SSL certificate issue isn't it?

I have logged into ISPConfig from the server Desktop itself and have accessed the primary domain, then I navigated to SSL then I entered the company information then I selected 'Create Certificate' then chose 'Save'.

The server generated a CSR and a Certificate too, however I want to buy a new NetSol SSL Certificate to install onto this server, can someone direct me to the steps to be taken to complete this task.

I assume I must submit the CSR to NetSol and they will in-turn generate a SSL Certificate to be installed afterwards...

Thanking you in advance for your help with this matter.

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