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Default Yet another Postfix smarthost question


This question might be the same as but I am as new to this as the poster above and I don't know if the answer applies to me.

Here is the problem (don't panic, the MS stuff is just background, not part of the question...): I have a customer with their own Exchange box, the box uses POP3 to get email from their company's ISP. What I wan't to do is use our "Perfectly setup Suse 10.2" to act as a smarthost for the branch office here since neither the ISP here nor the ISP at HQ is willing to provice a smarthost for them.

Should be easy enough, I thought earlier today, when I was using qMail at my previous employer I just added a new domain at the end of virtusertable and reloaded qMail. Things seem more complex in Postfix though and I can't find a good newbie guide to set this up.

In short, my customer have their own /29 network, they share the email domain with their parent company and they have no other way of sending mail to their collegues with the same @somecompany.tld since that needs to be done using a smarthost witch I don't know how to set up....

Hope someone can shed some light, and bear in mind, I'm really new to this!


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