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Originally Posted by rsun
I have installed a new lamp server by following The Perfect Server - Gutsy Gibbon with ISPConfig. I am confused and stuck.

1. In Management Server Settings, The Server name should this be the same name as the hostname of the physical machine? I named it lamp instead of Server 1 as suggested in the guide.

2. In Management Server Settings Web tab, should the Suexec option be checked.

3. I tried to follow the Mini-HowTo RoundCube Webmail on Your ISPConfig. I got stuck at Step 1 Create website. When I clicked New Site, there's no Basis tab in the New site dialogbox, on fact there's no tab. There are 3 dropdown box fields. In Reseller field only admin, in Customer field No client available and in Hostingplan field Individual settings. Do I have to create a reseller and a new customer before I can create a new site?
1. You can name it Lamp, Server 1 is an example

2. Mine isn't checked.

3. You have to make a New Customer before you create a site. You can add them all under Admin if you like (most of mine are) - You can create your own hosting plans or just do Individual (settings are on the next page)


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