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Default Sorry to bug you, but..

I would appreciate you're comment on this!

My problem is, like I told you
"One of my biggest problems, is when I try to post news in Joomla or Wordpress, the text gets duplicated. Why I don't know, but wonder if it has something to do with the server setup. Have you any clue?"

Today, I opened phpmyadmin and looked at the database. I then tried to copy into jos_content the html code I wanted to post (I first wrote my article in Joomla, pressed the HTML button in the wysiwyg and copied it bedfore i saved - then it get messed up). When I looked at it in Joomla, it had duplicated. Could this then be a MySQL problem? My ISP is running MySQL 3.23.54..

The phpinfo file you can see here. Something wrong?

Regarding apache owner, my ISP shall test your config and get back to me! He agreed on everything you wrote, but had to check locally first!

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