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Thanks for the fast reply
I have set the Mailman Domain to ""

I have done "newlist mailman" just berore installing ispC, i was wrong? (I can reinstall if needed)

Now i have just digged the problem and i faound that the main problem is that seems that my machine has 3 IP address and mailman want to call (not!) instead op myip.
I have setup a host file that convert to myip and the administrative interface now seems runnig.

I have added 3 memebers bui i receive and invitation message that says:
To post to this list, send your email to: www. mydomain. com.list (whitout spaces), but if i write to it i receive an error (User unknown in local recipient table).

That's because i have not done the righe installation procedure?
which step shoud i take?

If i try to remove a list from ispC, it goes to recycle, but i cannot manage to delete it (is always in the bin).

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