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> Unfortunately I didn't find solution. I switched off suPHP feature.

Funny. :-)
This is just what I was doing right now, and obviously works.
Good enough until we find a better solution or the issue is magically fixed on next upgrade.
BTW, do you think a dist-upgrade will help on this? I didn't review gutsy packages but it should include newer php versions that probably fix the issue.

> Test it if you can. I don't tried it because I don't think that it is the problem and tests on production server is not so good idea.

Funniest !! :-)

It's exactly my situation.
I have been crossing my fingers while reinstalling suPHP in the production server as I suspect you did.

I will check your suggestion in the testing server as soon as I find time for it, but I'm really curious about the "segmentation fault".

Could it be related with php time or memory limits?

I don't know yet about eGroupWare but Joomla-MamboWiki issue was related with an intensive backtrace function.

Falko: don't you have any comment about this issue?

Keep in touch and thanks a lot for your answer,

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