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Default User already exists

I've read the bb messages of 2006 about editing /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/user.

I have the same problem BUT:

etc/passwd - users have been added
passwd- users missing
/home/admispconfig/ispconfig/user - no entries

Though I added a new user, saved the first form and tried to enter a redirection adress afertwards with result "User already exists"

The user dirs of web1 have been created correctly

We are talking about a VMWare Centos5 with a ln -s of /var/www to the raid mirrors(/dev/md0 mounted as /home) directory /home/www
a test account as webmaster have not have been a problem but the other accounts refuse correct configuration

The CentOS-VM is running on an 3800 Dual with 8GIG RAM and the actual vmware server is acting as gateway and shorewall for 3 external and 1 internal interfaces.

CentOS5 is not yet supported by VMware - the CentOS5-VM is dead slow. I suppose there will be a fix from VMware soon and it should not really affect my ISPConfig Problem.

Thank you for your very appreciated help.

brgds willi
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