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The reason I said this is because prior to restarting the server, the port was set to xxxx and the firewall for ISPConfig was set to the same port (again, I'm hiding the actual port number for security reasons).

Before restarting the server, I was able to login with no problems.

The problem started when I restarted the server. Somehow, ISPConfig lost the firewall settings I set and replaced it with a default firewall setting.

Does that make sense?

Originally Posted by falko
What do you mean with that? You changed the SSH port, but you cannot expect the firewall to recognize that and adjust itself to the new port...

If you've enabled the ISPConfig firewall, it will be started whenever the server boots (of course, with the settings you specified in the web interface). Just make sure that your system doesn't start a second firewall that interferes with the ISPConfig firewall.
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