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i've done that, but i'm not getting it to work.

i filled the fields about the ssl (Country etc), and chose "create certificate" and then pressed save.
then i went back into it and clicked save certificate and save.
then i replaced the .key, .csr and .crt files in the ssl directory
then i copy&pasted the contents of the .csr into the first, and of the .crt into the second field and clicked save certificate.

when i now open my site with https://, i get a wrong cert. , based on the fields i filled with "dummy" stuff.

what i have:
- a .key, a .cert and a self-made .csr (made with the .key)
- got the certificate with my hosting at ovh (they gave me the .key and a dedicated IP, i have a root server there)

i run ispconfig, everything else works fine.

any ideas or more details on how to do this?
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