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Thanks, madmucho, but I have shown what the logs are producing. Those messages are repeated over and over, although I have several live, working email accounts on my server. The logs I can find are not recording any of that activity.

I am running Debian Etch and there is no directory called mail, only the files I mentioned above and the gz zip files produced from them every 24 hours, like mail.log.1.gz and so forth.

I can produce emails using telnet, the form on the web site or email clients but if the logs do not record anything, how do I diagnose what is going wrong?

This client has tried setting up the email account on his email client and I can send him emails normally, and he can send emails to me. He does not receive emails from the web form. So far as I can make out, and I have had a more experienced php developer check, too, the form is properly structured to email its inputs to that address. Would it help if I copied the form here? It's not a short one, though.

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