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Default hi falko thanks one for all but not lasts one

hey hey hey as promise i redone all from beginning and seem all work fine so before i install ISPconfig i like to know how to test all services to know if they are working ?
one more questiions ?>>>#
i have a broadband with dynamic IP like
and i have a router and i use three computer conected to it one 4 me and 2 4 other friends i can ascess my sever from there computer thats fine like use putty with ip address ex:
and when i use the name i can't like ex:
it can't find the host name:

and second questions is how can i access my from any computer from a cyber cafe or in other house or like i have some friends in another country like to conect to it how please help

i have configure my router on Nat option enable
ans i add my linux ip like to port 22 but it don't work any tut on it #
i use canyon router thanks 4 help
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