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Originally Posted by bLuTm8
for the moment im writing some (php)addons to ispconfig for this, but they conflicts with the ispconfig code. so i need some help from the ispconfig developers.
for sendmail and postfix the virtusers placed in plain textfiles and in (mysql)isp_isp_user too.
courier (with authmysql) needs only one mysql table, but current user table needs some modifications.
and here is my problem: correct interaction between ispconfig and courier user table
The best way to get this working might be if you have different tables or even a different database for the courier virtual mailusers. You can add a selector in isp_server table to let users switch beween courir ./. postfix + sendmail style in the interface. Depending on thats elector, you can modify the code that writes the text config files to fill the courier tables instaed.

But maybe this is a bit offtopic for feature requests. If you dont have an dev account yet, please send an email to dev [at] ispconfig [dot] org so we can discuss it more detailed in the devel forum.
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