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So the purpose of NIC Bonding/Teaming is making sure that your connection to the internet is not disrupted. (If one connection fails, the next one takes over)?

I have read that this method can be used to Bond multiple connections in a sense of speed.

For example:

DSL LINE NIC#1 --------------------\ ___> > Bond NIC#3(virtual NIC)

A dsl line (NIC#1), and a Wireless Connection (NIC#2) are bonded to a virtual NIC#3. This virtual NIC#3 uses the full speeds of NIC#1+NIC#2 to give a combined download speed.


I know this is possible. It's just that software may not have been programmed to do this. ( Atleast I haven't found anything, yet)

Does anybody know how I can accomplish the scenario?

If not exactly my method, then is there any way to combine two connections into one which accepts both NIC's packets to download the combined speed of the two connections.

I have two TWO NICS:

One is my DSL connection
The other is a wireless network.
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