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These packages are used by ISPConfig only and are totally independent from the rest of the system, i.e., ISPConfig uses its own Apache (on port 81) and PHP which are used only by ISPConfig to serve the ISPConfig web interface and write configuration files in the background. So no matter if you already have Apache and PHP installed, ISPConfig must compile these packages again solely for its own use. Your already installed Apache and PHP aren't affected by the new compilation.
this concept is very nice (ie "shutting up" main hosting webserver with bad config and must repair in ssh console)

wishlist-addon: cgi-support for isp-apache 1.3 (for courier webadmin)


Not quite sure what you mean with that. ISPConfig supports Postfix and Sendmail
i wish additional support for courier-mta and courier-dropmail as delivery agent.
ispconfig is a famous solution and works in much cases better then commercial products (confixx, plesk, cpanel ...) -> excellent work

for the moment im writing some (php)addons to ispconfig for this, but they conflicts with the ispconfig code. so i need some help from the ispconfig developers.
for sendmail and postfix the virtusers placed in plain textfiles and in (mysql)isp_isp_user too.
courier (with authmysql) needs only one mysql table, but current user table needs some modifications.
and here is my problem: correct interaction between ispconfig and courier user table


thanks for reply
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