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Default SSL for multiple subdomains


I have a webiste installed plus some subdomains, i.e. with ISPConfig 2.1.18 on an Ubuntu 7.10 server. With http they direct to the specific folders /var/www/webx with x being the number of the virtual host. I have a SSl certificate installed for the www domain, which works well. I have one IP address on that server. So far so good.

When I tried reaching the subdomains under https I expected to see the certificate error warning screens from the browser, warning me that the url does not match the certificate's. What I did not expect is that the browser redirected in https to the folder /var/www/webx of the domain although the URL still shows https//

Is this expected behaviour?

I understand that I need two IP addresses on an Apache2 server if I want two different certificates for two different domains.

But does this restriction count for subdomains as well?

What I wanted to do is to install a GoDaddy Multiple Domain Certificates, also called Unified Communications Certificates (UCC), domain, which covers the two mentioned plus some more subdomains, and have them all sitting on one server- with one IP address, since they are just subdomains of the identical domain

Can this be achieved?

As usual, any hints/input are welcome.

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