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Originally Posted by nibbles
Hello Falko,

So given that I did not use the same hostname as my registered domain, will it mean that I would need to recreated my certificates for TLS?
Probably yes, unless you can live with certificate warnings.

Originally Posted by nibbles
configure Postfix for TLS in which postfix was configured with another hostname chosen vs. my registered domain so can I simply change myhostname parameter with my registered domain?
I'd change the myorigin parameter.
Originally Posted by nibbles
typically when people use mail normally you would see them use or for example.

I am wondering about this only cause in my mind:
I'm using 1 box to do:

Mail Server
Apache Server

Question: can I refer to my server as "" only? Or can I make 2 references:

vi /etc/hosts

eg: myhostname myhostname

I'm thinking of this relative to both services running on the same box.
I am sure to some it's a silly question however, I'm only trying to understand a thing or 2 in regards to configuration and setup of the server.

So When Setting up postfix, I can use is my line of reasoning but perhaps I'm wrong in my line of thinking... Guess that's why I'm a noob :-)
You can use any FQDN or IP address that's pointing to the server.
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